Recent News & Articles

May 2010


Pacific NW Airports: Reigning High Performance Green Materials

Five N.W. Airports make the switch to CarbonSeal-FR (an AROS™ derived technology) for runway protection.


March 2009


How Important Is Particle Size

Distribution of stress energy as a function of particle size.


February 2009


Welcome To San Francisco International Airport

Earth Resin™ (a derivative of AROS™) proves to be the perfect eco-friendly pavement preservation system for an environmentally sensitive location on the San Francisco Bay.


Transportation Infrastructure Construction Technique(s) & Environmental Impact Review

A look at historical AR pavement performance data as the foundation for the next generation in AR binder technology.


January 2009

JWA (John Wayne Airport): One of Those Defining Moments

COE Polymer Inc. supplies a spin off technology derived from AROS™ to Ecostar Science & Technology where it was applied to the runways of John Wayne Airport under the cover of night.



What is 'Steric Effect' and what does it have to do with making a road last longer?

Utilization of an important chemical property as an advanced method to engineer more durable roads for tomorrow.



Tell It To The President

A Call to action for the new Obama administration to consider advanced composite rubber technology as the cost-effective paradigm shift that America's transportation infrastructure desperately needs.